The lakeChime Team, Technology

lakeChime Technology Advantages

lakeChime PPRS, Inc. is working to advance the deployment of Small Modular Reactor technology by leveraging international advances made in L-ESSTAR-type unit to  focus R&D, minimize costs, and expedite early deployment. Some advantages of the L-ESSTAR design are:

  • highly proliferation resistant technology
  • design improvements to facilitate licensing
  • factory-manufactured and delivered to the site as a sealed package
  • designed for up to 30 years of operation with 15 years of assured service
  • refueling not needed during operational lifetime
  • low-pressure design, the sealed nature of the reactor vessel, and the small security footprint provides security
  • reduced site preparation and other environmental impacts due to modular construction and small footprint
  • significant cost savings over conventional plants
  • ideal for almost any application, from powering remote military bases, industrial complexes or public service facilities to supporting hydrogen production, to meeting the energy needs of a developing nation