The lakeChime Team, Technology

lakeChime: Energizing the World with Safe, Secure, Economical Electricity

SMRs: Safe, secure energy for remote sites.

lakeChime PPRS, Inc. is an energy technology company whose mission is to commercialize safe, clean and economical energy for the global community from communities with specific energy needs, to installations requiring energy surety, to remote areas far from the existing power grid.

lakeChime is engaged in commercializing technology for a small modular reactor concept developed by a team of engineers and scientists at U.S. national laboratories and universities that leverages advances made internationally to deliver this technology more quickly and cheaply than other alternatives.

This SMR, known as the LC-E-SSTAR (lakeChime Evolutionary Small Secure Transportable Autonomous Reactor) was designed to address a previously unmet need for a contained power source that could be readily delivered to sites to provide safe, clean and cost-effective power.

SMR technology, particularly the LC-E-SSTAR is particularly suitable for off-grid remote locations, and for applications such as water desalinization. Since it is an off-grid power source it is also useful for applications where energy surety and security is paramount such as military bases, emergency or disaster operations, factories, and similar installations.

lakeChime collaborates with both U.S. and foreign partners to leverage the best, most advanced technologies, including the United States Industry Coalition under the Department of Energy’s Global Initiative for Proliferation Prevention, particularly in the areas of radiological surveys, and site decontamination and decommissioning.